009 Preparing For An Emergency

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009 Preparing For An Emergency

Emergencies are going to happen.

Count on it.

When you are raising a disabled child, the likelihood of things always going right is almost non-existent. Your child gets sick or hurt, and has to go to the hospital.

Over the last few years, we have had our share of emergency hospital stays that we didn’t plan for, and it created a family crisis.

When you aren’t prepared, not only do you have a sick child, often you can have a financial crisis at the same time. This has happened to us more than once.

However, you can prepare for emergencies so that you don’t have to go through a crisis every time your child gets sick. Today, we talk about some of our emergency plans, and how we have set ourselves up for emergency situations

In today’s episode we cover:

  • Your emergency fund and why it is important
  • what to put in your emergency kit
  • How to store things so that it is easy to grab and go
  • why your emergency kit is essential to your long term peace of mind
  • 3 ways to use your emergency kit other than an Emergency Hospital Stay

and a lot more….

Make sure you download our emergency kit checklist and start putting together your emergency kit today! Don’t put it off. An emergency could come up tomorrow.


Download the Emergency Checklist HERE!

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Today, you can get the complete checklist to prepare for upcoming emergencies that your family might face!

Get the peace of mind knowing your family is ready for whatever emergency comes your way!

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