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Welcome to the Disabled LIfestyle blog!

Thank you for coming by and checking us out. As you go through our site and newsletters, you will find some links that say that they are affiliate links. When we started building the Disabled Lifestyle site, podcast, and newsletters, we wanted to find and share the best stories, resources, and information available. Sometimes, that information is free, and we try to keep as much of that as possible. However, sometimes the best infromation costs. This is where our affiliate linking comes in.

What are Affiliate Links?

Some links that you find throughout our blog posts, newsletters, and podcasts are affiiate links. This means that when someone clicks our link and purchases the product offered on the other end, we get a commission for referring the visitor to that product.

We strive to only share relevant, helpful products that we really feel are essential to fully embracing the disabled lifestyle. The revenues from these recommended links are how we pay the costs of keeping this site online. Although we put a lot of our own time into  it, there is a team of people and services that go into providing this resource for you and your family. Most of those people don’t work for free. This is their full time job.

How Do You Choose Affiliate Promotions?

There are many factors involved. However, one of the biggest factors we use is how helpful it has been for us or other families we talk to who have used the products we talk about.

Sometimes, we may interview someone on our podcast, and if they have their own books, training, or products, we may offer a recommendation through that show. This is one of the incentives we offer to people when we set up interviews.

Even in those cases, I try to review the product in question prior to putting my recommendation behind it. If I wouldn’t use it myself for my own family, I am not going to recommend you use it for your own.

Are Your Recommendations for Sale?


Absolutely not! Often, I have passed up higher commission programs in spite of getting more for myself because I felt it wasn’t worth it for you to buy that product. I personally select what I offer based on the value it has brought to me and my family, or in cases of something I really didn’t need personally, how helpful it was to other people that I talk with as I do my research.

How Do You Become and Affiliate?

If you are interested in learning more, have any questions, ore want to find out how you caould become an affiliate yourself, Check out this article on How to Be an affiliate

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